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We help you build unstoppable self confidence & get into the best shape of your life through our world class martial arts programs.

We’ve taught thousands of students over the last 16 years and through our award winning teaching skills have developed 3 world champions and 7 national champions (sanctioned by the World Karate & Kickboxing Association).

Our speciality is teaching children to be more self confident, self disciplined and respectful; and adults to get into the best shape of their life whilst developing the confidence and practical skills to defend themselves in any combat situation.

If you’re looking for your child to build unstoppable self confidence whilst learning life saving self defence skills or if you’re an adult looking for something more than just a fitness workout, then you’re a great fit for us.


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Meet The Team

Rob Spencer

Rob Spencer

Founder & Senior Chief Instructor

Philip Smith

Philip Smith

Chief Instructor

Dave Seaton

Dave Seaton

Chief Instructor

Ryan Phillips

Ryan Phillips

Chief Instructor

Stephan Hagen

Stephan Hagen

Chief Instructor


Years Teaching

Black Belts Graduated

National Champions

Why Us…  We Get Results

At Martial Arts Mastery you will get more than just standard Martial Arts classes. We guarantee you actually get results.

We have World Champion Instructors, award winning children’s “Successful Kids” program and an Amazon Best Selling Fat Loss Author as part of our team. When it comes to achieving your goals through Martial Arts, there’s nothing we can’t do.

World Class Instructors


Enhanced CRB Checked

All of our instructors are enhanched CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked.


Professionally Trained & Certified

All instructors are professionally trained and certified through our 2 year Certified Instructor Training program and undergo 312 hours of instructor training each year.


Nice Friendly People

All of our instructors are nice, friendly people so when you come down for your first class you have nothing to worry about.

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Which Style?

Striking Styles

The striking style taught in the Martial Arts Mastery system is a combination of Boxing, Kickboxing and Thai-boxing.  The MAM instructors have studied Boxing under World Renowned Boxing coach Tommy Thompson, they all hold black belts in Kickboxing sanctioned by the WKA and studied Thai-Boxing under Carter Wong and Tony Myers.

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Grappling Styles

The grappling styles taught in the MAM system are a mixture of Gi and No Gi styles.  This means you will learn grappling techniques that work in competition and also grappling techniques that work in a real life scenario if a fight ends up on the ground (which happens 9/10 if the fight lasts more than 10 seconds).

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Realistic Self Defence

Instructors have studied the ‘Approach’ method by Eddie Quinn (world renowned realistic self defence expert) and have incorporated it into the MAM system along with restraint and control training taught by the British Police.  This means the self defence techniques you learn actually work in real life, street situations.

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What Our Students Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our members do the talking!

“I signed up my son to Martial Arts Mastery because I thought it would help his confidence, give him a positive discipline and a channel to focus all his bouncing energy into. He sees the results of his efforts in training on a physical and emotional level and he is excelling in school. Over the years he has grown into a strong, fit, healthy, charming, happy and very sociable young man with a positive outlook on life and a beautiful free spirit. The Martial Arts Mastery team have played a huge part in shaping my son and if I could write this kind of martial arts school teachings into the junior school curriculum I absolutely would!”

Shelley Costello

Son - Joel, 11

“Martial Arts Mastery has given both Luke and I support and encouragement in all areas of every day life and Luke has become a confident, well mannered, caring, determined and well disciplined young man, achieving his black belt by the young age of 10. With pier pressure, bullying and all the temptations life now brings, I am confident that the life skills and influence Martial Arts Mastery has had on Luke will help to keep him a well grounded individual. ”

Sue Jeal

Son - Luke, 10

“Holly joined Martial Arts Mastery aged 5 and this has helped with her confidence, concentration span and physical fitness.  There is a wonderful atmosphere here, it is like one big happy family.  All the children are encouraging and supportive of each other.  I would highly recommend Martial Arts Mastery to anyone.”

Lara Slater

Daughter - Holly, 10

For More Information Or To Book A Free Trial Class Call: 07518 977 107

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

We have a range of different programs and prices to suit families on different budgets.  The best thing to do is to come down to a class [first class is free of charge] and try it out.  The instructor at the end of the class will answer all questions and find out which program and price is best for you.

What Style Do You Teach?

Over the last 16 years we have developed our own syllabus at Martial Arts Mastery that teaches core components of Boxing, Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Karate, Grappling, Judo and Jui Jitsu.  The syllabus taught is a Mixed Martial Art incorporating these styles.

What Areas Do You Teach At?

We have classes in Loughborough, Mountsorrel, Thurmaston, Evington, Oadby, Enderby, Hinkley, Burbage & Glenfield. Call  07518 977 107 to book a free trial lesson.

What age groups do you teach?

We have have a range of classes catering for everyone from 4 – 64 years old. These classes are split up into different age groups and skill levels so you get the most out of your classes.